Press release: R&P POLYPLASTIC top-management held talks with SIBUR

The previous week top-managers of R&P POLYPLASTIC held talks with representatives of the largest Russian petrochemical corporation SIBUR. The parties discussed raw materials supplies for production of compounds for the national and export markets.

Earlier on R&P POLYPLASTIC media office reported about supplying 500 tons of compound polymer materials to a major Turkish manufacturer of household appliances. Raw materials supplied by SIBUR were used for the production of this material shipment.   

The parties also discussed mutual interest to homologate block copolymers production of which is starting on the ZapSibNeftehim plant. As a first step SIBUR raw materials will be used in compounds for the needs of international car manufacturers localized in Russia. At a later stage, such materials will also be supplied abroad.

“In order to produce competitive products we need high quality raw materials. R&P POLYPLASTIC success on foreign markets is tightly connected to high performance of its materials. We managed to achieve such results partly owing to raw materials supplied by SIBUR,” said R&P POLYPLASTIC managing partner Andrey Menshov.  

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