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RCC Group 

RCC Group is the first Russian agency that specialises in providing services to clients in the chemical market. It was created in 2001 on the model of CNI as a Russian company with European participation to provide world-class information, analytical and advertising services. The most famous brands of the company include: The Chemical Journal magazine, www.rccnews.ru daily newsline, RCC Intelligence Unit analytical agency, The Moscow International Chemical SummitRussian Congress of Plastics Converters.

Internet platform www.Rccnews.ru
The www.rccnews.ru Internet platform is the only Russian electronic publication with a newsline in Russian and English covering developments in the chemical industry. It posts up to 20 news stories and reviews a day. Thanks to its daily chemical market newswire, the agency has an archive comprising over 60,000 documents related to various events in the international, European, Russian, and the CIS markets for the period from 2001 up to now. Our editorial staff is experienced in monitoring printed and Internet publications and evaluating data reliability.

www.rccnews.ru — Russian-language newsline
The newswire is a copyrighted publication; it uses primarily original sources of information and, for this reason, is quoted by other economic magazines and newspapers, and also by a multitude of secondary specialised Internet publications.
Over 20,000 Russian and foreign specialists are regular subscribers and readers of the Internet newswire. The international market news published in Russian is available to paying subscribers only. The Russian market news in Russian is provided on a free of charge basis. The Rccnews editors get information every day directly from manufacturers, dealers, distributors, research centres, Russian and foreign vendors. The reliability of the sources is regularly confirmed through the editors’ contacts with employees in those organisations.

www.Rccnews.ru — English-language newsline
The RCCnews newswire in English, which covers developments in the Russian chemical market, has been issued for more than 10 years. Some 9,000 regular foreign subscribers receive an electronic news digest (email) from the site. Free subscription to the English-language news digest. Besides, being a paid subscription to the English-language newswire of the Russian chemical market. The daily Russian chemical industry newsline published in English has become an important source of information for a wide audience of investors, producers, bankers in Europe and across the world.

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