Press release: New DOTP facility at SIBUR’s Perm site makes first pilot shipment to customers

Perm, 25 March 2019. The Perm facility is 100% ready for commissioning, with the first batch of dioctyl terephthalate coming off the line and shipped to customers as part of the pre-commissioning pilot.

“We have successfully completed the construction, inert environment testing and support unit launch stages,” said Konstantin Yugov, CEO of SIBUR-Khimprom. “Processing environment testing is currently underway as part of the pre-commissioning exercise, with the first batch of DOTP shipped to customers on 9 March.”

SIBUR’s Perm-based DOTP facility will be Europe’s largest production site of its kind, setting the stage for the Company to assert its market leadership with 100 kt of DOTP manufactured annually. This eco-friendly and safe plasticiser is a key component in floor and roof coatings, wallpaper, cable compounds and other construction products designed to enhance their durability and wear and cold resistance.

SIBUR’s decision to set up DOTP production served as yet another milestone in the Russian petrochemical industry’s import substitution efforts while also contributing to the nation’s strengthened focus on exports. Today, the Russian market of common plasticisers faces a shortage of about 60 ktpa, which is covered with supplies from Europe. The Perm-based DOTP project will help substitute a major part of alternative product imports and enable plasticiser supplies to export markets, where the demand for DOTP is also rapidly growing.

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