Press release: Togliattiazot reduced emissions by almost 60%

Togliattiazot PJSC, Russia’s largest ammonia producer, reduced air pollutant emissions to 2.47 thousand tonnes in 2018 or by 60% year-on-year (4.19 thousand tonnes). Total actual emissions went down to 33% of the permitted limit set by the Administration of the Federal Service for Supervision of Natural Resources for Samara Region (7,430 tonnes a year) as compared to 56% in 2017.

A major reduction in the air emissions is the product of TOAZ PJSC smart environmental policy and strategic modernisation programme. Specifically, the modernisation ensures a more stable operation of the units, a major decline in the number of forced shutdowns that cause largest emissions along with the start-up operations. In 2018, TOAZ completed the overhauls and modernisation of ammonia units No. 3, 5, and 7 and of both urea units. Furthermore, the company uses dust-and-gas collectors to reduce air pollutant emissions.

In 2018, the company carried out a major reconstruction of its biological wastewater treatment plants servicing the industrial users in the Northern industrial hub and household consumers in Komsomolsky District.

Togliattiazot uses its own sanitary industrial lab to monitor the outdoor air quality on the industrial site that samples air on the sources of air pollutant emissions on a daily basis. In addition, the air quality is monitored by the certified labs of FSBI Centre of Laboratory Analysis and Technical Measurements for the Volga Federal District. Over the course of 2018, over 1.8 thousand of air samples were taken. No limits were exceeded for any controlled pollutant.

“By reducing emissions, TOAZ makes a major contribution to a better environmental situation in our hometown. We use a systemic approach to this issue and are planning to stay on this track in the future. Reduction of pollutant emissions is among the objectives of Togliattiazot’s modernisation programme. We are continuously prioritising our environmental effort”, said Vyacheslav Suslov, CEO, Togliattiazot Corporation CJSC.

The modernisation programme for the company’s capacities is intended until 2022 and involves increasing the capacity of existing units, enhancing the operational reliability of equipment, and building new facilities while reducing the extent of technological environmental impact. All new facilities are designed with due regard for the state-of-the-art solutions and best available technologies. Thus, construction of TOAZ PJSC third urea unit launched in 2018 provides for a virtually complete recycling of the carbon dioxide generated by ammonia production after the start-up of the unit.

Total investment in the modernisation programme has exceeded RUB 32 bln to date.

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