Press release: Friendship agreement signed between two cities where Lukoil operates

Kogalym, a city in Russia's Khanty-Mansi Autonomous District – Yugra, and the city of Burgas, Bulgaria, signed a Memorandum of Friendship. The document was signed by the Head of Kogalym, Nikolai Palchikov, and the Mayor of Burgas, Dimitar Nikolov.

The memorandum stipulates the relations of friendship between Kogalym and Burgas, and expands communication between them. Both cities see a great potential of cooperation in areas like bilateral economic relations, trade, cultural exchanges, sports and tourism, the document underscores.

"Kogalym is an investment-attractive city, known for its innovative projects well beyond the Khanty-Mansi Region. The memorandum envisages cooperation and contacts between the two cities in culture, exhibitions, sports, commerce and tourism. The sharing of best practices of municipal management and urban planning, social policies and healthcare will also be of mutual interest. I am sure that cooperation will be useful for both parties, as we do have something to share with each other and are open to new projects," Nikolai Palchikov noted.

"The memorandum on cooperation between the two cities represents a fair opportunity to share experience in tourism, sports and cultural exchanges. We will be glad to welcome our new friends from Kogalym in sunlit Burgas, a hospitable and picturesque city, and to offer impressive opportunities for sports, leisure, amusements for children, and also to share our rich cultural heritage. I am sure Burgas will fascinate its Russian visitors by its climate, nature, cuisine and sightseeing. As they say, those who have discovered Burgas, find reasons to come back again and again. Welcome!" Mayor Nikolov said.

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