Press release: "#AydanaAZS" Promotional Campaign Was Launched at the TATNEFT’s Filling Stations Chain

The promotional campaign "#AydanaAZS" was started at the TATNEFT’s filling stations chain and it will last until April 14, 2019. 

This year, the customers of the TATNEFT’s filling stations will be offered a chance to win two VOLKSWAGEN POLO cars and 4,500 persons will be the owners of gifts from the TATNEFT’s network of filling stations and "AkBars" Hockey Club, while more than 70,000 people will receive guaranteed souvenir prizes.

One of the following prerequisites should be carried out to become a participant of the event:

- one-time refueling of the vehicle with the gasoline amount of 30 or more liters or liquefied gas, or diesel fuel of any brand for passenger cars, light-duty trucks and minibuses;

- one-time 100+ liters refueling of a truck with any kind of fuel;

- purchase of the TATNEFT brand motor oil in the amount of 4 or 4+ liters;

- purchase of goods related services for a total amount of 300 rubles in one check (with the exception of tobacco products and TATNEFT brand motor oil in the amount of less than 4 liters.).

Provided one of these conditions is satisfied, the customer will get a scratch ticket of "# AydanaAZS" with a protective layer to be deleted. The "unique code" must be registered on the site http://айда.рф after filling in the registration form indicating the full name (first name, patronymic surname) and of the participant, telephone number, e-mail address, the residence region code, and the number of the filling station, which is convenient to receive a prize in case of winning.

The names of the lucky owners of two VOLKSWAGEN POLO cars will be identified during the live morning broadcast of “Novy Vek” (TNV) channel scheduled for April 18, 2018.

Lottery organizer is ООО “NAIS-S”. The promotion partner of the promotion campaign is “Ak Bars” Hockey Club. The information about the rules of the promotion campaign, number of prizes, dates and places of getting the prizes shall be posted placed on sites айда.рф and www.azs.tatneft.ru.

Important notice: Dear customers! We advise you that any information about the conditions of the promotion action "#AydanaAZS"  the action can be obtained by calling  the action’s Hot Line 8-800-222-59-56 or the one of "AZS Tatneft" 8-800-5555-911. 

You are kindly requested to report any phone fraud attempts during the campaign. We remind you that no transfer of any funds anywhere is required to receive the prizes.

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