Press release: High quality of GC «Titan» products was reaffirmed

Laureates and diploma winners of the federal stage were announced on November 30, during the regional conference on the results of the All-Russian Contest «100 Best Goods of Russia», that was held in the administration headquarter. Six items of GC Titan products were included. In addition, two Titan employees were awarded with Badges of Honor for excellence in quality.

Methyl tert-butyl ether (MTBE), the octane-increasing additive to motor fuel, for the 6th time receivedtitle of laureate at the event, organized by the Omsk Center for Standardization and Metrology and Ministry of Industry, Transport and Innovative Technology of the Omsk region. Butadiene-styrene latex БС-50, used in the production of sealing compounds and during finishing of carpets and rugs, also became the laureate and received the status "Newly-designed". Among the diploma winners of the federal stage were the synthetic "green" rubber БМК М-15, normal-butane and synthetic butadiene-methyl styrene rubber СКМС-30 АРКМ-15. All the products are produced by the plant Omskykauchuk, the largest petrochemical enterprise of GC Titan.

Cattle compound feed КК-62 produced by Titan-Agro Ltd. also received the diploma of the contest «100 Best Goods of Russia». It is the second experience of Titan-Agro participation in this contest. In 2016, poultry compound feed, produced by the agro-industrial enterprise, became the laureate in the nomination "Food Products".

Awards were handled to the representatives of GC Titan–Yan Kirsanov, General Director of GC Titan and Sergey Zhidik, Director of the separate subdivision of Titan-Agro Ltd Feed Mill Pushkinsky.

For merits in the field of quality, Valery Diyashin, the head of the workshop for the production of MTBE of Omskykauchuk PJSC, and Tatyana Gapon, the head of the production and technology laboratory of the Feed Mill Pushkinsky, were awarded with Badges ofHonor of the program "100 Best Goods of Russia" for excellence in quality.

GC Titan has been being the member of the All-Russian contest «100 Best Goods of Russia» since 2008.  

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