Press release: Gazprom Neft to hold it’s first shareholders’ meeting using electronic voting

Gazprom Neft shareholders will, for the first time, have the opportunity of using electronic voting services provided by the National Settlement Depository (NSD) and DRAGA (the specialist shareholders’ registry administrator for the oil and gas industry) during an Extraordinary Meeting of Shareholders.

Choosing from either of these two systems, meeting participants will be able to study the agenda, familiarise themselves with meeting materials, and use online voting on various matters including the dividend distribution for 9M 2018, amendments to the Gazprom Neft Company Charter, and adopting amendments to regulation over the company’s governing bodies.

Voting is available at https://draga.ru/akcioneram/jelektronnye-servisy/golosovanie/, where shareholders can complete electronic ballot forms in the "Shareholder’s personal account" on the www.draga.ru registry site, or by using E-voting services available through www.e-vote.ru.

Elena Ilukhina, Deputy CEO for Legal and Corporate Affairs, Gazprom Neft, commented: «Using remote voting testifies to the company’s proactive use of the latest digital technologies not just in production, but also in business communications. Offering services like these makes the process of corporate governance more open and accessible, and makes ensuring shareholders’ rights as seamless as possible.»

Denis Buryakov, Managing Director for Custodial Services of the Executive Board, NSD, added: «Electronic voting is generally accepted international practice among companies wanting to offer shareholders the most user-friendly environment possible in exercising their rights. Joining forces with issuers and registrars in promoting this service to people — shareholders and investors — helps promote a reliable and high-quality infrastructure environment in Russia.»

Maxim Murashov, General Director, JSC DRAGA PJSC, added: «This is the first time we have implemented a joint project with the NSD via the E-voting system, and we hope to achieve significant synergies by using two independent voting systems. We are constantly developing our system’s capabilities and scope, and welcome issuers’ active use of services popularising technologies and innovative solutions throughout the country.»

In absentia voting as part of the Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders in Gazprom Neft is taking place until 14 December.

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