Press release: Biological treatment facilities launched at SIBUR's Perm site

Perm29 November 2018. Maxim Reshetnikov, Perm Territory Governor, and Dmitry Konov, Chairman of the Management Board of SIBUR Holding, launched biological treatment facilities at SIBUR-Khimprom. The Company was also represented by Pavel Lyakhovich, member of the Management Board and Managing Director at SIBUR, Rustam Galiakhmetov, member of the Management Board and Managing Director at SIBUR, and Konstantin Yugov, CEO of SIBUR-Khimprom. 

The facilities were upgraded to ensure high-quality wastewater treatment at volumes exceeding 3 mcm per year and compliance with Perm’s local regulations, which are more stringent in every aspect than applicable federal laws. By reducing the load entering the city’s treatment plants, the new facilities will help increase the readily available municipal capacities and create more development opportunities for other local industrial operations and civil engineering. 

A total of RUB 663 m was invested in the project, which was supported by the Perm Administration and implemented in cooperation with NOVOGOR-Prikamye – the company responsible for all water supply and wastewater management activities in the city.  

The facilities at SIBUR’s Perm site were constructed in line with global best practices. In 2015, the first stage of the project was launched featuring mechanical and chemical treatment technologies. The second stage of the treatment process involves 24 tonnes of living organisms (20 species) to ensure a 12 times reduction in organic matter volumes within the wastewater. 

Dmitry Konov and Maxim Reshetnikov also visited a construction site for dioctyl terephthalate (DOTP) facilities. The project has passed the mechanical completion stage and has switched to pre-commissioning. DOTP is one of the world’s safest and greenest plasticisers used to manufacture wallpaper, linoleum, roof coatings and other materials. Industrial companies in the Perm Territory may be interested in that product as well. A key import substitution effort in the sector, SIBUR’s DOTP complex will be the largest Russian project of its kind. Production is scheduled to start in Q2 2019.

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