Press release: Products of TANECO Have Been Awarded the "GEMMA" Golden Statuette

Another recognition has been given to the products of JSC TANECO. The enterprise has become one of the winners of the interregional contest "Best Goods and Services of the Volga Region - GEMMA-2017"

The following products of the TANECO Complex have been presented at the prestigious contest, held in 64 countries and 49 regions of the Russian Federation: TANECO winterized class diesel fuel (grades 0, 1, 2), emission standard fuel K5 EURO (DT-Z-K5); TANECO summer class diesel fuel (grades A, B, C, D), emission class fuel (DT-L-K5), jet engine fuel of TS-1 grade(GOST 10227-86).

The evaluation has been performed by an independent expert commission, composed of the accredited laboratories’ experts, certified project experts, specialists representing governmental and non-state bodies performing control, supervisory and certification functions, research institutes, higher educational institutions, as well as the organizers and partners of the Project.

As a result of the contest, the TANECO's products have been awarded a gold medal, while the jet engine fuel of TS-1 grade has been awarded the title of the contest Laureate and a gold statuette "GEMMA".

The awarding ceremony took place in Novosibirsk. The event was attended by Marin Marinov, President of the European Association of Entrepreneurs; Ajay Sharma, Official Authorized Representative of the International Economic Cooperation Organization "GEMMA" in the Republic of India, Vitaly Vitukhin, Head of the Consumer Market Department of the City Hall of Novosibirsk.


The international contest "Best Goods and Services - GEMMA" has been established since 2002 and it is an independent public project aimed at identifying competitive and promising enterprises for further promotion of their interests. The Project’s objectives, inter alia, include: creation of the conditions necessary to stimulate business in improving the quality of products yielded, services rendered and technologies applied; promotion of commodity integration and promotion of quality products in the WTO space; development and strengthening of trade and economic cooperation between countries and regions; arrangement of conditions for mutual exchange of advanced technologies; dissemination of experience in the development of small and medium-sized businesses; shaping of the public opinion and culture of consumption of high-quality, environmentally friendly and safe goods, technologies and services.

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