Press release: R&P POLYPLASTIC developed new exclusive brands for new Ford models

R&P POLYPLASTIC analysts closely monitor the process of vehicle assembly localization. The company supplies to both Russian and foreign car manufacturers which are our largest customers. “In July 2018 when new WTO regulations come into effect the Russian polymer market will face redistribution. This will allow domestic companies to strengthen their positions” – sais Mikhail Katsevman, R&P POLYPLASTIC Head of Science and Technology. He added that in this regard it is important to extend influence and develop new projects and technologies.   

At the moment, R&P POLYPLASTIC considers Ford Sollers as one of its key consumers and plans to supply materials for its new models, primarily in the interior parts. According to experts, compound brands developed for certain projects are unique and have no comparable equivalents. They have already passed the first tests and proved their conformity to technical requirements. This is one more step towards import substitution. 

It stands to mention, Ford Sollers is a firm customer of R&P POLYPLASTIC. Material shipments are regular.

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