Press release: Lukoil invests in environmental protection activities in Yamal-Nenets Automonous District

LUKOIL will spend more than 500 million rubles on environmental protection activities in the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District in the next three years.

The financial resources will be used to implement the LUKOIL environmental program in the region, which includes systematic monitoring of natural environment components, efforts to reduce air emissions and volumes of natural water intake, to restore disturbed land and to raise the level of associated petroleum gas utilization. Associated petroleum gas is used for the field’s local needs and as fuel for electricity generation facilities. Some of the gas also goes into Gazprom's gas-pipeline system.


The level of associated petroleum gas utilization at LUKOIL’s biggest hydrocarbon field in the region, Pyakyakhinskoye (commissioned in the autumn of 2016), already exceeds 95%.

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