Acron has delivered over 550 thousand tonnes of fertilizer to domestic farmers year-to-date

Acron Group is taking part in the exhibition titled Golden Autumn, Russia’s leading agricultural forum event. The company’s stand showcases a new nitrogen/phosphate/potassium fertilizer grade: NPKS (MOP) 18:6:18:2S+2MG. This fertilizer contains sulfur, which increases the protein content of grains and the content of oil in seeds. This component also makes plants more resistant to low temperature, droughts and diseases and increases crop shelf life.

The Russian market is a priority market for Acron Group. In the year 2016 the company increased its domestic market deliveries of mineral fertilizer by almost 20 % to over 900 thousand tonnes. Acron Group’s key consumer regions are the  Bryansk, Oryol and Belgorod Oblasts. The products bought most often by Russian farmers are ammonium nitrate and compound fertilizer products (azophoska).

Alexander Popov, Acron's Board Chairman, said: “Acron Group continues to support Russian farmers, providing them with mineral fertilizers popular in the domestic market and fulfilling the growing demands of the Russian agricultural sector. In 2016 Acron Group shipped its products to more than 70 Russian regions and became one of the top three largest mineral fertilizer sellers in Russia. This year, Acron has delivered over 550 thousand tonnes of fertilizer to domestic farmers.

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