Poliom reports output figures for 2015

In the year 2015, the Omsk-based polypropylene plant Poliom, a JV between Titan, Sibur and Gazprom Neft, produced a total of 191 thousand tonnes of product, marking a 13.8% increase over 2014. 

In 2015 the plant launched into production several new PP grades, one suitable for manufacture of disposable tableware (PP H032 TF), another for manufacture of fiber (PP H 253 FF), and a third for manufacture of single- and multi-layered non-oriented cast films (PP H085 CF). Poliom's product range currently comprises16 grades of plastic. 

Thanks to the implementation of the company's resource conservation program, a model PK-502 waste gas recuperator has been installed in the plant's polypropylene shop. This unit allows the plant to route some 300 kilograms per hour (or over 2500 tonnes/year) of propylene back into the polymerization line, which also significantly reduces the plant's environmental footprint. The precommissioning of the new equipment produced by Premaborgo Italiana was accomplished with help from foreign experts. The launch of the unit is slated for February 2016.

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