Press release: Lukoil Borad of Directors approved amendment to regulations on the divident policy

The Board of Directors of PJSC "LUKOIL" (hereinafter the Company) today approved amendment to the Regulations on the Dividend Policy of PJSC "LUKOIL" (hereinafter the Regulations). The amendment allows to account for the share buyback factor when determining the dividends amount.

A new principle was added to the list of principles of determination of the final dividend amount set out in the Regulations. According to the new principle the Company seeks to annually increase the total amount of dividends calculated to be paid on the Company's outstanding shares (excluding the shares held by LUKOIL Group entities), at a rate not lower than the rouble inflation for the reporting year.

The amendment results in higher dividend per share growth rate subject to decreasing number of shares outstanding.

The Regulations on the Dividend Policy of PJSC "LUKOIL" is available on the Company's website.

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