Press release: A successful beginning of the year for the “Export boost” program – 500 tons of Russian polymer compounds supplied to Turkey

Within the Export boost program, R&P POLYPLASTIC is systematically increasing its place at international markets. The geography of the company’s sales has been widened by a very competitive Turkish market. Companies from Turkey traditionally caused many problems for their Russian competitors. In February 500 tons of polymer compounds have been shipped to a major Turkish producer of large household appliances and strategic partner of R&P POLYPLASTIC. Recognition of quality of products is very important for the company.

The Russian compounder is planning to increase its sales on foreign markets and thanks its partners for recognizing high quality of the materials. “Turkey is an industrial site not only for producers of household appliances but also for auto components manufactures. Completion of the first contract on a new market enables R&P POLYPLASTIC to create a stable platform for development of future relations with Turkish customers,” – said managing partner of R&P POLYPLASTIC Andrey Menshov.

Since the beginning of 2019, R&P POLYPLASTIC has already exported more than 1000 tons of compounds. Apart from Turkey, materials were delivered to European and Central Asian countries.   

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