Press release: Preparation for Flood Season Is Underway at TATNEFT

Enterprises of the TATNEFT Group of Companies have started preparation works for coming snowmelt floods. 

Within the frame of planned works the Reservoir Pressure Maintenance Division (UPTZh dlya PPD) carried out the works still in October 2018 at the Karabash water-storage reservoir for gradual emptying of the reservoir to prepare it for spring waters collection. Currently, the water level “height” is 137.5 m. In relation to the normal head water level, this figure has been reduced by almost two meters, which corresponds to the reservoir operating curve. 

According to the plan, after the peak flood period and with the establishment of a steady trend to decreasing the melt water ingress, spillway gates of the onshore spillway structure will be alternately partially close down for subsequent water collection in the reservoir. 

This process will continue until the normal head water level (139.5 m) is reached, while almost 24 million cubic meters of melt water will be collected in the reservoir from the beginning of the flood.

For the period of the rising water level, which will begin in a few weeks, around-the-clock watch attendance will be organized at hydrotechnical facilities for operational control of water passing through the spillway stoplogs of the Karabash hydroengineering complex. These and other fixtures of the HTC are maintained and renovated on a regular basis. 

Standing commissions have been established at the enterprises of the TATNEFT Group to perform systematic monitoring of preparation works for the flood season. 

Monitoring the readiness state of the Company's structural divisions to work in complicated spring conditions shall be imposed on the Central Commission. 

The Company’s structural divisions have worked out measures to ensure stable operation and failure-free running of the crude oil production facilities during the spring flood. Particular attention has been paid to the facilities located in remote hard-to-reach areas located far from paved roads, where the work could be complicated in the spring season by the possibility of flooding. The existing and decommissioned pipelines and their location sites in dead-end areas have been taken under special control. 

Special emergency response crews with necessary resource stock for performance of rescue and recovery operations have been formed at the enterprises to ensure rapid response to possible abnormal situations. 

Scheduled training and instructing of the working staff are carried out and the procedure for notification of the officers and staff in case of emergencies has been specified. 

The Company's activities are aimed at meeting the requirements of environmental protection, land use, industrial and fire safety.
In the period of the intensive snow melting, the Company is planning to strengthen laboratory monitoring of the condition of main rivers and the air environment.

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