Press release: TATNEFT is Among the TOP-10 Russian Companies in Capitalization Terms

TATNEFT Company is ranking No. 8 in terms of capitalization in the Russia Today RIA media group rating among the TOP-100 of the largest domestic companies.

The capitalization assessment has been made on the basis of the value of ordinary shares of companies or depositary receipts thereof traded on the exchanges. In the rating published by the RIA “Russia Today”, TATNEFT ranked the eighth among the leading Russian companies with high capitalization and increased it by 27.3%, as compared with 2017.

TATNEFT is a vertically integrated holding company, which is successfully developing crude oil production, refining, petrochemistry, operates a tyre manufacturing complex, running refueling business, and a block of service structures. The development strategy of TATNEFT aims at balanced sustainable business growth and the increase in the Company’s shareholder value.

The rating agency of the RIA "Russia Today" media group specializes in assessing the socio-economic situation of the Russian Federation regions, the economic status of companies, banks, industries, countries. The main areas of the agency activities are: development of ratings of the Russian Federation regions, banks, enterprises, municipalities, insurance companies, securities, and other economic entities; comprehensive economic research in the financial, corporate and public sectors.

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