Press release: TATNEFT’s KAMA TYRES Expands the KAMA PRO product line

The KAMA TYRES Complex of TATNEFT Company is launching the production of SSC tyres of the new generation KAMA PRO NR 203 and KAMA PRO NF 203 for trucks in the 315/70 R22.5 dimension range.

KAMA PRO is a new generation tyre line of SSC tyres, which mainly includes the models with a bore diameter of 22.5 inches. Products are intended for a complete set of vehicles involved in the regional and the  long-distance traffic transport.

The KAMA PRO NR 203 tyre is intended for installation on the driving axle of trucks. The tread pattern of the NR 203 tyre has been developed taking into account the operating conditions on regional roads: a stiffer center to reduce rolling resistance and a defused and reinforced shoulder area to improve braking and acceleration at any time of the year. The form of the pattern pellets and grooves have a complex shape, which contributes to the cleansing of stones and better traction in case of rain and sleet conditions.

Model NF 203 has been designed for installation on the steering axle of trucks and the changes introduced in the tyre design allow obtaining a higher load index of 156/150 (4,000 kg), versus the previous model 154/150 (3,750 kg).

New KAMA PRO NR 203 and NF 203 tyres have already been marked M + S, 3PMSF. The speed index is L. Different from previous models, the new tyres profile has been optimized to improve the distribution of stresses in the road flat spot, which provides for the uniform tyre wear across the entire width of the tread section and increases the tyre service life. The improved profile and the new design of the SSC tyres allowed improving the steering characteristics and rolling resistance, which ensures a more comfortable movement. Reducing the weight of this innovative product will lead to a reduction in fuel consumption and to an increase in the service life of the tyre. The high-quality carcass ensures the possibility of the tyre tread repairing with application of both cold or hot recapping method.

New products will be available for sale in the market in March of the current year.

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The KAMA TYRES of PJSC TATNEFT is a modern Russian Tyre Complex possessing its own engineering developments and a well balanced portfolio of products and services. Today, it is a recognized expert in the production of tyres for Russian road and climatic conditions. The tyre manufacturing complex of the Company produces reliable tyres for all types of motor transport: for passenger cars, light trucks and commercial trucks, buses and trolley buses, agricultural and specialized vehicles. The products of the complex are popular in all regions of Russia, and they are also exported to 48 countries of the world. 

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