Press release: second urea unit at Togliattiazot back at full capacity after major overhaul

Togliatti, 25 December 2018 – The major overhaul of the second urea unit has come to a close at Togliattiazot Public Joint-Stock Company, the largest Russian ammonia producer. As of today, all commissioning operations have been finalized, and the unit is operated at the full capacity.

The scope of major overhaul included expert examination (exterior and interior visual inspection and hydrostatic testing) of a substantial portion of equipment, running repairs of ammonia pumps, overhaul of two pumps for ammonium carbonate, repair of the separator and the tower washer, and replacement of glazing in the compression room.

The most ambitious operation at TOAZ’s Urea Unit No. 2 was the replacement of the urea synthesis reactor. The preparatory work took several years, and the operations were carried out by professionals of a contracting organisation led by Urea Casale (Switzerland) engineers.

The initial stage involved dismantling of the reactor after 35 years of service and diagnostic testing of the foundation. At the end of August, a 300-tonne 40-meter long unit by ATB Riva Calzoni was placed on the existing foundation with the use of 750- and 650-tonne Liebherr cranes. Further stages included pressure tests, reconstruction and assembly of internals, coating and insulation of the reactor with 20 years of lifetime warranty.

The final stage of unit overhaul operations witnessed another landmark event, such as the installation of a state-of-the-art distributed control system and an emergency shutdown system by Yokogawa Electric Corporation (Japan). This process control system will help minimize human error, enhance equipment reliability and maintain optimum process parameters at the urea unit of TOAZ PJSC.

While commenting on the competed overhaul work, Viktor Kazachkov, Deputy CEO and Operations Director at CJSC Corporation Togliattiazot, said, “The work we have carried out on the second urea unit is a continuation of the previously delivered overhaul project on the first one. It will enable us to ensure stable production at the rated capacity, maintain the best possible time between overhauls (TBOH) at both units, and enhance their reliability and safety. We are also planning a set of measures to ramp up the production level of the unit”.


Since 2012, Togliattiazot has been implementing a program for the upgrade of its production facilities through 2022, which suggests large-scale transformation of the enterprise. Specifically, during the period from 2015 to 2018 the overhaul and upgrade project embraced ammonia units, both isothermal ammonia storages, on-site process piping, and railway infrastructure.

This year Togliattiazot also launched a 25-billion-rouble project for the construction of a third urea unit to a capacity of 2,200 tonnes a day. The total volume of investment in the upgrade and expansion of the company’s production facilities until 2021 will exceed RUB 80 billion.

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