Press release: AZS Tatneft Filling Stations Chain Has Expanded Its Presence in the Vladimir Region

The Company has expanded the list of its filling stations located in the Vladimir region by opening 5 more filling stations. Four of the mentioned filling stations are located in the city of Vladimir.

Filling station No. 552: located at 4, Yelovaya Street Kovrov, Vladimir region;

Filling station No. 546: city of Vladimir, 226 B, Dobroselskaya Street;

Filling station No. 547: city of Vladimir, 62, Kuibysheva Street;
Filling station No. 549: city of Vladimir, 2 A, Mira Street.;
Filling station No. 550: city of Vladimir, 41, Suzdalski Prospect.

The filling stations sell gasoline grades AI-95, AI-92, as well as diesel fuel, including those produced by JSC TANECO. All petroleum products are of standard EURO-5. The equipment of the stations complies with modern standards of environmental and industrial safety.

Each station has a shop with a wide range of goods. There are always cool and energy drinks, confectionery, and natural grain coffee to cheer up before the trip. In a short time, there will be a cafe at the filling stations, where the visitors can have a delicious and substantial lunch.

It is possible to purchase goods and petroleum products at filling stations for both cash and using TATNEFT’s banking, fuel and gift cards.

A special "Free Coffee" has been run for customers on the occasion of opening new filling stations.  When filling any amount of fuel, the customer can pour out coffee or tea into their favorite mugs free. The promotion shall be valid until October 31, 2018.

Holders of discount cards of the previous company, which used to be the owner a certain filling station, can exchange them for coupons that provide a permanent discount of RUB 1 for every liter of fuel filled. The coupon shall be valid at all the filling stations of TATNEFT at the Vladimir, Yaroslavl, Nizhny Novgorod and Penza regions

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