Press release: Tyre Manufacturing Complex of TATNEFT Started the Production of the SSC KAMA PRO KMA Tyres

KAMA TYRES, the tyre-manufacturing complex of TATNEFT Company, has launched the consistency batch fabrication the new generation KAMA PRO NU 404 solid steel cord tyres.

NU 404 SSC is a pneumatic tyre, which design allows adjusting the internal pressure within a wide range depending on operating conditions. The given tyre model differs from tyres with constant pressure in terms of high elasticity and the ability of damping the roughnesses of the road pavement. The wide cross-section tyre design and the possibility of reducing the tyre pressure provide for a high level of adhesion to any surface and a lower specific pressure on the road surface.

The NU 404 KAMA PRO model will be available in two sizes: 14.00R20 and 16.00R20, as well as in two versions:  a tubed or a tubeless tyre, depending on the type of the tyre rim used. The new model is intended for operation on four-wheel drive trucks, mainly in off-road conditions and on soft soils, at an ambient temperature range of -45°C to +55°C.

The KAMA TYRES has become the first domestic manufacturer of products with adjustable pressure - the novelty is a vivid example of the ongoing import substitution policy in the country. The design of the NU 404 tyres includes new design solutions that will be used in all future KAMA PRO tyres and will allow improving the consumer properties of the new generation SSC tyres. The first models of the KAMA PRO tyres for regional transportation will be on sale in early 2019.

The KAMA PRO tyres will be manufactured at the KAMA TYRES’ SSC Tyre Factory TATNEFT Company. The production quality control will include 3 stages, including X-ray inspection of all produced tyres, which will completely exclude the possibility of products even with the slightest deviations from the requirements for tyres of this segment getting to the market.

Currently, KAMA TYRES also provides a service for the restoration of SSC tyres at its own factory with application of the tread cold bond method.                                    

The TATNEFT Company tyre-manufacturing complex has its own technological process developments and a balanced portfolio of products and services. The production facilities of the TATNEFT’s tyre-manufacturing business produce almost a quarter of all domestically fabricated tyres. The KAMA TYRES products include over 370 commodity tyre product items and they are exported to 48 countries worldwide.

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