Press release: "TATNEFT" Is among Top Ten World Leaders in the Oil and Gas Industry in Terms of the Shareholder Value Growth

TATNEFT entered the TOP-10 of the world-class rating of The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) in terms of creating value for the shareholders.

PJSC TATNEFT has ranked number ten among the world's leading oil companies with high capitalization in terms of the weighted average aggregate income of the shareholders in the rating published by The Boston Consulting Group (BCG).

The BCG rating has been calculated on the basis of the aggregate shareholders’ income for a five year period from 2013 to 2017. There were 2425 companies around the world analyzed according to the results of the past year operations.

The annual ratings of the best companies in terms of the value added, based on the total shareholder yield (TSR) for the previous five-year period, has been published by BCG since 1999. The average annual shareholder yield is the value of the TSR, which the company on average adds each year from the analyzed five-year period. The TSR index allows measuring the growth in the share price and dividend yield on the company's shares over a certain period of time and is the most comprehensive indicator of effectiveness in creating the shareholder value.

TATNEFT Company is an internationally recognized vertically integrated holding company, which successfully develops crude oil production, refining, petrochemicals production, a tyre-manufacturing complex, a refueling business, as well as a block of service structures.

The development strategy of TATNEFT Company is aimed at a continuous growth of the of share capital value through increasing the production at existing fields, including involvement of high-viscosity oil reserves in the development; deepening and expansion of oil refining and development of the petrochemicals production industry branch.

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