Press release: Effective Technologies of the TATNEFT Company

They successfully use at TATNTEFT Company electric centrifugal pumps (ESP) with low-voltage capacitors that allow increasing the pump efficiency and reducing specific energy consumption up to 10% in submersible electric motor units (SEM)

The project is being implemented as part of a program aimed at reducing the specific energy consumption of the producing well stock operated with application of artificial list

ESPs consume 67 percent of all electricity in the event of mechanized oil production. With the aim of reducing power losses in the ESP units professionals of the PJSC TATNEFT’s Engineering Center placed the capacitor as close to the electric motor as possible. Previously, these devices were installed at substations.

Different from the conventional SEM a sealed module with a cosine capacitor is installed in the lower part of the submersible electric motor with an increased power factor. The module is a cylindrical body, which is similar to the telemetry system unit. The capacitor is connected in parallel with the stator windings. The patent for the invention has been registered in the State Register of Inventions of the Russian Federation under number 2599053.

Pilot site for the introduction of the new SEM was selected at NGDU "Elkhovneft". The unit had been operating at well No. 2096 for more than four years without any intervention, breakdown or repair. When the project was included into the best practices register, this engineering development was successfully applied in seven more oil and gas production divisions of the Company. Today, there are 287 SEMs with an increased power factor in operation, while the potential stock includes more than 800 wells.

At present, the Engineering Center processionals together with Almetyevsk State Petroleum Institute (AGNI) and service organizations have developed a SEM of 103 mm diameter of in addition to the diameter of 117 mm. The plans also provide for combining the capacitors with telemetry installations.

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