Ukraine loses to Russia in a WTO dispute concerning its anti-dumping investigation into Russia’s ammonium nitrate shipments

The WTO Court of Arbitration has acknowledged that Ukraine has committed errors in its anti-dumping investigation of Russia’s ammonium nitrate shipments. The WTO’s ruling upholds Russia’s claims and demands that Ukraine “remove the committed errors”. The official text of the ruling has been prepared, and is due to be published shortly. The news was reported by the news agency Evropeiskaya Pravda, which cites several sources close to the Ukraininan government who informally confirmed the information. According to the sources, the WTO has already sent the preliminary text of the ruling to Ukraine, and one of our sources has already had an opportunity to study it.

The official document should be published on the WTO website in the next few weeks. At that moment, the ruling will come into force and will be binding upon the relevant parties. Until the ruling has been officially published, the parties to the dispute are forbidden from commenting on the case.

The anti-dumping duties on shipments of Russian ammonium nitrate were first enforced in 2014 and are due to remain in force until July next year. In the year 2017, a number of additional duties was introduced against Russian urea and urea-ammonium nitrate solution (31.84 %). In March this year Ukraine revised the protective duty rate applied to shipments of Russian ammonium nitrate. The rate currently amounts to 42.96 % (for PJSC Dorogobuzh it equals 29.25 %).

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