Press release: Feed mill "Pushkinsky" opened new sale point

In this year feed mill "Pushkinsky" has continued the work on retail chain extension.

A new point of retail sales of compound feed produced by "Titan-Agro" was opened at the end of April2018, at the address: 209е/2, Desyat' let Oktyabrya str., (not far from the Fish Market). Consumers who are owners of private farm households can purchase high-quality compound feed for poultry, pigs, rabbits and young stock of nutria, as well as for cattle. Compound feed is packed into 35kg bags, certain items into 10kg bags.

To date, one more point is located directly near the feed mill "Pushkinsky" (Omsk region, village Pushkino, 40/1, Krasnoyarskiy tract).

Also, the products of the feed mill can be purchased in 7 districts of the region:Bolsherechenskiy, Okoneshnikovskiy, Tavricheskiy, Pavlogradskiy, and others.

In the near future,it is planned to open one more point of retail sale of compound feed.

It should be noted that the feed mill "Pushkinsky" is one of the most modern and technologically advanced enterprises of such profile in the Omsk Region.

The enterprise's products are of high quality, that is confirmed at the federal level. In 2016 the compound feed produced by "Titan-Agro" Ltd. became the winner of the All-Russian competition stage of the program "100 Best Goods of Russia" in the nomination "Food commodities".

Retail and wholesale buyers of "Titan-Agro" product note a good palatability of the compound feed by animals and birds, stable weight gain, and also improvement of health, including reproductive health.

The most demanded are compound feeds for young stock of egg breeds and for broiler chicken.

Let us add that the feed mill "Pushkinsky" is one of the anchor members of the Agro-biotechnological Industrial Cluster of the Omsk Region (as part of "Titan-Agro" Ltd). 

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