Press release (Tatneft): Figures Demonstrating Results of Operations during Eleven Months of 2017


Crude Oil Production

Enterprises of the TATNEFT Croup of Companies produced 2,445 thousand tonnes of crude oil (97.7 percent versus January 2017) with PJSC TATNEFT’s production amounting to 2,416 thousand tonnes (97.7 percent versus January 2017).

The production volume of high-viscosity oil amounted to 156.4 thousand tonnes.

The production volume of OOO “Tatneft-Samara” at the licensed areas outside the Republic of Tatarstan amounted to 29.9 thousand tonnes (92.5 percent versus January 2017).

New Drilling

There were 51 new wells were built and delivered to customers in January 2018 (59 wells in 2017, including 35 production wells drilling and 16 wells drilled to bitumen deposits.

Active Well Stock Drilling

  There were 2 sidetracks and horizontal wellbores completed and delivered in January  of 2018.

Drilling of Wells outside the Republic of Tatarstan

     Drilling operations are underway at well No. 278 of OOO “Tatneft-Samara” in the Samara Region.

Repair of Wells

During January of 2018, the remedial well servicing crews performed remedial servicing operations in 798 wells at the sites of PJSC TATNEFT, while workover operations were performed in 193 wells. Formation hydrocracking operations were carried out in 69 wells. Oil recovery enhancement operations were performed in 175 wells), including chemical methods applied in 82 wells.

There were 8 wells repaired outside the Republic of Tatarstan.

Production Performance of JSC TANECO

The TANECO Complex of Refining and Petrochemical Plants processed 795.9 thousand tonnes of raw materials in January 2018 and including 734.2 thousand tonnes of petroleum feedstock.

The TANECO Complex yielded 752.6 thousand tonnes of petroleum products.

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