Press release: “Aquatherm 2018”: R&P POLYPLASTIC and its consumers discuss basalt fibre compounds

22ND International exhibition for domestic and industrial heating Aquatherm 2018 has opened in Moscow. Aquatherm Moscow is the leading event in Russia in the industry of heating, water supply, engineering and plumbing systems, air-conditioning, ventilation and equipment for pools, saunas and spas and the key business platform for demonstration of the latest industry novelties of international and Russian manufacturers. R&P POLYPLASTIC supplies compounds to virtually all manufacturers of plastic pipes in Russia. Managers of Trade House Polyplastic are negotiating with potential clients about supplying modified materials for the mid-pipe layer.

R&P POLYPLASTIC has the capacities to produce materials with individual properties for each client.

The managers also discussed basalt fibre compounds. The properties of this material are considerably better than those of glass fibre, for example, strain at break is 20% higher. Polypropylene and basalt have high chemical durability, do not install electricity and are very strong. Pipes with fibre layers can replace not only metal but also other polymer pipes where strong resistance to high pressure and temperature is required. The company is certain that this new material will be successful on the market.

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