Press release: R&P POLYPLASTIC is planning spring shipping schedule

In December, most large companies are summing up the results of 2017 and making plans for the future. Research and Production Enterprise POLYPLASTIC is no exception. Assessing possible risks, we would like to warn our consumers about logistical problems that may take place in spring.     

Restrictions for heavy truck transport are imposed in Russia since early April until the middle of May on hazardous sections of roads. To avoid logistics collapse and stoppage of shipments we ask our clients to plan delivery of materials to warehouses. We understand that the abovementioned applies only to those clients who have the opportunity to store R&P POLYPLASTIC materials in advance (February – March 2018).      

However, we would like to warn that we will double the existing polymer materials transportation prices since April 1 until May 15. Let’s minimize the costs and plan or effective work together!  

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